From Mexico: Customs Electronic File – Amendment to the Mexican Customs Law

17 May, 2019

The Mexican government launched an amendment to the current customs law, which entered into force on December 22, 2018. This new regulation sets out the obligation to integrate an electronic file for each import and export customs operation.

The electronic file must be integrated with the electronic and digital documents that are transferred by customs brokers to the Mexican Digital Window for Foreign Trade (VUCEM, translated in Spanish). The electronic file is particularly important to keep its legal value. Moving forward, the customs audits will be conducted with these electronic files.

Andersen Tax & Legal Mexico provides support to companies with subsidiaries in Mexico in need of technical tools to carry their daily activities including:

  • Daily integration of electronic files through the direct download of the VUCEM
  • Supplementary integration of electronic files with documents in control of customs brokers and companies
  • Monthly cross-reference information (VUCEM vs. Ministry of Finance data) to verify all documents for each of your customs brokers
  • Preventive electronic reconciliation & on-going customs, international trade and VAT advice
  • Management Action Plan implementation to standardize the information throughout all the areas of the companies (taxes, finance, accounting, customs)

Source: Marco Reyes – Andersen Tax & Legal in Mexico, a member firm of Andersen Global